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Prosecutors and Legislators call for More Strict DUI Laws in Colorado

Posted by on Apr 10, 2016 in DUI Laws in Colorado | Comments Off on Prosecutors and Legislators call for More Strict DUI Laws in Colorado

In November 2015, 57-year-old Denny Lovern was indicted on nine separate charges stemming from a DUI arrest by a grand jury in Arapahoe County. Generally, DUI cases do not go before the grand jury for a felony indictment, however prosecutors deemed that it was appropriate in this particular case due to Colorado’s relatively lenient laws regarding multiple DUI offenders.

No Felony DUIs

Lovern reportedly has 16 prior convictions for DUI, arising out of 20 different alcohol-related traffic citations. However, multiple DUIs are not classified as a felony no matter how many prior convictions you may have on your criminal record. This means that the maximum sentence for a standard DUI charge–even with multiple priors–would be one year in prison. For this reason, prosecutors often try to combine other felony charges with DUI in an attempt to secure more extended prison sentences.

In Lovern’s case, because the arrest occurred following an accident and because of his past record, prosecutors were able to convince the grand jury to indict on charges that included:

Calling for New DUI Laws

The prosecutor criticized DUI laws in Colorado for being “weak” due to the lack of felony charges, and states that the department plans to pursue additional felony charges in multiple DUI cases in the future, sending the cases to the grand jury. The prosecutor called for the legislature to pass more stringent laws for habitual DUI offenders.

Legislative bills regarding felony DUI laws have been introduced twice in two years in Colorado, but neither bill passed. Some opposers claimed that was not enough evidence that such a bill would actually increase safety on the streets. Instead, the opposers claimed that law enforcement officers should increase DUI arrest efforts such as roadblocks and saturation patrols. They stated the fear of getting stopped would deter drunk drivers without the need for stricter felony DUI laws. A third bill is planned to be on the table in January of 2017, which would allow for felony charges for a fourth lifetime DUI or for a third DUI within a five-year period of time. With an increased budget and alleged bipartisan support, legislators supporting the bill are more hopeful for success.

Even though Colorado does not yet have a felony DUI charge, every DUI case is still a serious matter. DUI convictions may mean substantial fines, time spent on probation, alcohol classes, and jail time. For this reason, you should always have the assistance of an experienced DUI defense attorney in your case.

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